Go Read Your Crystal Bible, Ya Basic Bitch

Fair warning, this post may make me sound like a basic bitch, but please read on with an open mind.

I own a crystal bible. I keep a dish of stones and crystals on my bedside table, yes, sitting next to my pink Himalayan salt lamp which I turn on every night. I also have an array of Himalayan salt candle holders scattered about my apartment. When I travel, I’m always worried they’ll dissolve into tiny little stumps while I am away. So far, they’re all still in tact.



But, I am a basic bitch because I really don’t know shit about crystals and my Crystal Bible 3 has collected so much dust, I probably haven’t opened it since the Christmas I received it as a gift (yes, it was at the top of my wishlist).

So when Karla of Karlita Designs asked if I’d like to shoot some photos for her crystal centric jewelry line, I gladly agreed. When I was in the 9th grade, I thought about how great it would be to have a career as a hand model. You know, those made up women on the home shopping network that got to model jewelry for a living? I aspired to be that woman one day. Well, my big break finally came, thanks to Karla.


Fluorite Prism



Quartz Crystal


But that isn’t the point of the story. The point is, I’d never met Karla before, at least not in real life, so I was anxious and nervous to have my photos taken by a stranger. I had been traveling across the U.S. for the month of July and had only been home for two days. I was still adjusting to the post-travel blues and I was also going through a lot of mental and emotional distress, not to mention I was also bloated and bleeding. Most definitely not the best way to approach a photoshoot, but I didn’t want to let my emotions get the best of me. So I showed up and let Karla take my photos. Before we started, she said to me, “If there’s a stone that calls to you during this shoot, let it.  And listen to it.”

I know, I know, it sounds down right foolish, and stupid (for you non-believers), but let me just tell you that she was right! 100%.

I gawked and fell in love with just about every chunky piece of jewelry she put on me. I kept thinking “Can I pull this one off outside of this shoot?”

After a few outfit changes, she slipped a Fluorite stone over my neck and I immediately clasped the stone in my hand. I could not let it go, nor did I want to. Holding it in my palm, I felt…clarity. What had been bothering me all morning suddenly seemed so clear and obvious to me.



What are some of its properties? Fluorite is a highly protective and stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy. It is  known to having a stabilizing effect on your emotions. It makes you aware of suppressed feelings.  Fluorite releases and heals anger, resolves fear, aids in letting go of grief and letting go of emotional pain. Check. Check. Check and mother-fucking check. I could not make this s*** up!

Have you ever put on a piece of jewelry that just felt undeniably right? After a few more outfit changes and finally letting go of the fluorite prism, Karla dressed me in a pastel Miami Vice bodysuit and had me pose in the middle of the street. Even though these past few weeks I’ve been feeling very self-conscious about my body and mental health, I felt worthy. I felt confident.  She placed a Crystal Quartz ring on my hand and I was just about ready to jump out of the car and start posing.

Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer.” It enhances clarity, spiritual communication and amplifies psychic abilities. This stone will amplify and work with other stones to encourage clarity on all levels.

Putting on all the different stones really did have an effect on the way I was feeling and carrying myself that day. Their calming effects even trickled into the early morning the following day.  If you’ve ever questioned the power of stones and crystals, I highly recommend being receptive to their powers. They carry energy and vibrations from the earth. Living in a metropolis like Los Angeles, it’s quite easy to get out of touch with nature.










Thank you Karla!



La Morena

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